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3 Ways to Save on Clothes

I was tired of looking at my closet and finding nothing to wear. I was spending money on things I wasn’t wearing. I finally changed the way I shopped. I don’t have as much trouble getting dressed. I'm definitely saving more money now. I put together a few tips that help me save money on the clothing I wear. These tips can be applied to other things I buy. I don't know a lot about money. I definitely won't pretend I do. All I wanted to do was spend some time sharing a few tips that have helped me save money. I’ll share some more tips on how to save money in the future.

Find things I'll love

I think it’s easier for me to shop when I know what I love. It doesn’t matter what I’m shopping for. I don’t like feeling overwhelmed when I’m shopping. I like having an idea of what works for me. I try my best to narrow down my search. It helps me avoid spending money on things that aren’t right for me. It doesn’t matter if I’m shopping online or in the store.

Try keeping an organized closet

I try my best to keep my closet organized  A messy closet doesn’t make me feel good. I try to organize my closet a few times a year. This helps me keep track of the things I own. I toss anything that needs to be tossed. I donate anything that can be donated. I'll try to sell a few things that I think I might be able to sell. Once I do these things I can figure out if I need anything.


Waiting isn't easy to do. I think it’s good to do if I want to save some money. I try not to buy too many things the moment I see them. Waiting helps me decide if I really need that item I saw. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothing I’ll only wear a few times. I know an item might be right for me if I’m still thinking about it. If I wait long enough it might go on sale.

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