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3 Books I Like

I instantly want to tell people about a book I like after reading. I’m starting to find the new books I want to read before the end of this year. My blog will have more posts about something new I find.

A book I knew I need to read was I Am Malala. Malala Yousafzai is a brave person fighting for the right to get a good education. She doesn’t let difficult parts of life stop her from fighting for education. The future will be better if all people get the same opportunities. The way I think about my life changed after reading the book.

I’m starting to learn more about Michelle Obama after reading the book Becoming. It’s a book I recommend if a person wants to know about her. I enjoy getting the chance to read about her life. It’s good for me to get more time to learn about people.

The book Everything is Figureoutable will help people figure out how to make life better. I was ready to learn something new from Marie Forleo when I was reading the book. A person searching for advice will get good advice from her. I’m getting advice from her I know will be helpful in my life.

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