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Life Update May 2020

I need to share a little life update. The year is a year I don’t think I’ll be able to forget. I won’t be sharing the details right now in this post. I’ll say the life I knew before is different now. The life most people knew before is starting to change.

I’m sharing a little life update before I create more content. I know creating something new is a way to remove some stress. It was one tip I put in a blog post about improving a bad day. I’m finding a few ways to start fun projects on my list. I’m trying my best when I’m not able to go out.

A new routine is starting to help me throughout the day. My current routine will be changing again when I think it’s the right time. I’m trying to be more productive when the day is a good day. I want to relax more when the day is a bad day.

I always remember to be an optimistic person after a difficult day. The way I think about the life I live is different now. I’m starting to think more about my plan for the future.

I don’t know when I’ll be sharing a bigger life update. I’m sharing more moments from my life on social media. It’s important for people to find different ways to be connected.

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