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Life Update November 2020

I think right now is the right time for me to share a life update. I’m always trying to connect with people when I share my memories. The difficult year is reminding me to enjoy a simple moment before it’s gone. My mood is better when I remember to enjoy a simple moment. 

I’m thinking more about the space around me after moving to a new place with my husband. A move to a different place is good for us. I want to improve the parts of my life I don't like. The projects I didn't work on before will be the projects I'm ready to work on now. 

A part of my routine will change when the different parts of my life change. I always want to start a new day with a good routine I like. It’s better to be ready for the start of the next day. It’s good when I know I’m able to do more with the time I use. 

The rest of the year will be the time for me to think about the content I want to create. My new ideas will be on a new list I’m starting to put together. The plan is to use the ideas I add to the list to create more. I’m happy when I know I’m creating more to share with people in the future. 

I don't know when new content will be ready for me to share on here. My older laptop I’m trying to use right now doesn’t want to work with me. It’s easier to share on social media for now until I fix the problem. I’m happy I’m finally able to use the photos from earlier in the year. I’m thinking more about the future I want after a difficult year.

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